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  • In the Syfe Trade app, you will be able to see the symbols 'US' or ‘AU’ indicated next to each security ticker, which refers to the market the security is listed in. 

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  • On Syfe Trade, you can invest in:

    • Stocks and ETFs listed in any of the US stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (Nasdaq), and
    • Stocks, ETFs traded in the Australian stock exchange (ASX).
    • Crypto 
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  • Syfe operates in Australia as a Corporate Authorized Representative of Sanlam Private Wealth Pty Ltd, who holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and is regulated by ASIC. 

    To ensure compliance with ASIC regulations, Syfe Australia must meet all obligations under Sanlam's Australian Financial Services Licence. It is important to note that while Syfe does not have its own Australian Financial Services Licence, our agreement with Sanlam allows us to offer financial services to Australian investors.

    The cryptocurrency trading services provided by Syfe are not covered under the corporate authorised representative arrangement with Sanlam. Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency markets are not currently regulated as financial services under Australian law.

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  • Syfe uses an omnibus HIN account, which means that all of our investors use the same HIN. This differs from individual CHESS sponsored (HIN) and issuer sponsored (SRN) accounts, which are typically used for individual investors to keep track of their trades.

    Although your investments are not held under your personal HIN with Syfe, you still have full beneficial ownership of your investments. This means that you have the same rights and entitlements as if you held the shares under your own HIN.

    With our shared HIN account, you can invest from as little as 1 share for the top 1000 stocks or ETFs, without being required to meet any minimum investment amounts that are typically associated with individual HIN or CHESS accounts.

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