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Trade Executions

  • ASX observes Australia’s public holidays. Any orders placed on these days will not be filled until the ASX reopens. 

    Here is the complete list of the Australia holidays for 2023 : 

    Australia Holidays  Date 
    New Years Day

    Monday, January 2 

    (New Year’s Day holiday observed)

    Australia Day  Thursday, January 26
    Good Friday Friday, April 7
    Easter Monday Monday, April 10
    ANZAC Day Tuesday, April 25
    King’s Birthday Monday, June 12
    Christmas Day Monday, December 25
    Boxing Day Tuesday, December 26

    *No responsibility is accepted for any inaccuracies in the matter published.

    Please refer to Market Trading hours here

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  • There may be instances when your market order does not get filled. This can be attributed to 2 main reasons: 

    Trading Halt 

    A trading halt occurs when there is a temporary suspension of trading of a particular security in the stock market. When a trading halt happens, your market order may appear to be stuck at "pending" status and does not get filled as expected. To see if a security is under a trading halt at any point in time, you may check the security information on the exchange market's official website(s).

    Lack of Volume 

    A market order may not be filled when the security is less liquid. For example, if you place a large market order for a particularly low-volume security, there may not be sufficient shares available at the current price to fill your market order. This would mean that your order might not get filled and you would have to wait until there is more liquidity in the market. Your order would remain in "pending" status until it expires or is filled later on.

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  • Not yet. Syfe offers 20-minute delayed data, so the price you see may not be in real-time and may be different to data you see elsewhere, however, it is important to note that Syfe has a best order execution policy, which ensures that your order is always executed at the best available price.

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  • If your order was canceled, you can find the details in the Order details section of the menu. There are various reasons why an order may be canceled. Some possible reasons include:

    • ASX/CBOE Operating Rules and ASIC Market Integrity Rules: All orders must comply with these rules to ensure a fair and transparent market. If a breach is suspected, the Market Participant or the exchange may cancel the order
    • Trade Vetting Rules: Syfe and its Market Participant have Trade Vetting Rules to ensure that orders do not breach any market rules. If it's detected that an order may breach the rules or cause a disorderly market, it may be canceled before it reaches the market.
    • Corporate Actions: Orders may be canceled before a corporate action event that affects the value or structure of the unit holding. Examples of corporate actions include dividends, capital returns, and share offerings.
    • Expired Orders: If your order does not trade on the day you place it, it will expire 30 days after you place the order.
    • Minimum Marketable Parcel Requirement: If you are trying to purchase a stock or ETF that is not among the top 1000 ASX stocks and ETFs by market cap, and the trade value is below $500, your order may be rejected. This is because ASX has a minimum trade value requirement of $500 for stocks and ETFs.
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  • Yes, it's possible to cancel a Market or Limit Order as long as the order has not already been executed. Market Orders typically execute immediately, so canceling them may not be possible. 

    You can cancel your pending limit order anytime by going to 'Order Details - Pending Orders', then clicking on 'Cancel' and then 'Cancel Order'.

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  • For GTC (Good Till Canceled) limit orders placed on ASX-listed securities, the order will remain active for 30 days from the time of placement. After this period, the order will expire and will need to be placed again if you still wish to execute the trade.

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  • You can download your daily trade confirmations by navigating to the 'Menu', then selecting 'Report' and 'Trade Confirmations'. 

    It's important to note that the PDF containing your trade confirmation is password protected. The password is a combination of your date of birth (in the format of DDMM) and the last four digits of your mobile number. For example, if your date of birth is January 15th and the last four digits of your mobile number are 3579, then your password would be 15013579.

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